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Peace at last

I lie on my deathbed awaiting my last breath, each one seems as labored as the previous.

I strain to look around me, the power of sight having failed me years ago.

My room seems old and faded, but to someone else’s eyes, it shines of sapphire and gold.

I have achieved all I hoped to, all but facing death.

It scares me, shakes me to my core.

I don’t think I am ready, never have been.

How can one be ready for the unknown?

Where do my eyes go once my mind is shut off?

Even at my weakest, I doubt the concept of heaven and hell.

Hell might be real, eternal torture and all.

But what about heaven?

How do we all share a happiness that is based on one mind?

What if my idea of perfect and eternal happiness isn’t the same as the next saints’?

I lay on my back, my eyes closed.

I try hard to focus on my next destination, maybe I will be taken to where my mind finds the most peace.

Finally, get to rest from all the work I did and all the souls I touched.

This is the end of my journey; this is as far as I go.

Now I let others take over from where I have left off.

I taught them endurance and hard work, but most of all hope and faith.

I have left behind a legacy; I have run a good race.

With that, a breath escapes through my slightly open lips.

My facial muscles relax and my heart beats one last time.

I feel my soul lift, freedom!

I am set free!!

Peace at last -- article by Essie

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