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School Management Software (Web ERP)

MyShuleSoft Web ERP offers cloud-based school management software suitable for educational institutions of all sizes. Key features include a radio frequency identification (RFID) attendance system, attendance and performance reporting, GPS bus tracking, and human resource (HR) management system. It is accessible via mobile apps for Android, Windows phones, and iOS.


RFID tags track student attendance and monitor student location while on campus, with an option to deploy walk-through gates on-premise. GPS tracking monitors school buses and parents receive auto-generated text messages and emails about student departures and arrivals.

Administrators and teachers can manage student progress reports and attendance records, which can be shared with parents. Teachers can schedule meetings with parents, who have access to a separate dashboard to view student attendance and academic progress. Administrators can manage payroll and vendor expenses.

It is available for purchase on packages per student per month basis and also as a stand-alone package. Support is provided via email and phone.